Made with grapes from La Marthita Vineyard, cultivated in 1940. The grapes that integrate this blend are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec, with a higher percentage of the first.


Cabernet Sauvignon: Cruz de Piedra, Mendoza. Cultivated in 1993, at
870 meters above sea level. 4,600 plants per hectare and yields of
10,000 k / ha. Drip irrigation.
Merlot: Cruz de Piedra, Mendoza. Cultivated in 1967, at 870 meters
above sea level. 4,600 plants per hectare and yields of 7,000 k / ha.
Furrow irrigation.
Malbec: Agrelo, Mendoza. Cultivated in 1927, at 1100 meters above sea
level. 5,000 plants per hectare and yields of 7,000-8,000 k / ha.
Furrow irrigation.
Sandy loam soil of alluvial origin, with a calcareous composition.
Traditional low trellis vineyards, with high cultivation density;
Low-yielding strains that, associated with varietal purity, allow
high-quality grapes. Hand harvested grapes.


A privileged area that has a particular microclimate of dry summers,
with warm, sunny days and cool nights. Remarkable thermal amplitude that favors the development of the grapes, reaching a great
concentration of aromas and a correct sanitary state.


The wine ferments for 14 days, at approximately 28 °C and the
maceration lasts for 10 more days. The wine is then aged for 18
months in Nancy French oak barrels of 10,000 to 20,000 liters; each
varietal separately. The blend is then made, where it continues its
progress in stainless steel tanks, until the moment of being bottled.
This wine evolves for 6 more months in bottle until it is released on
the market, thus acquiring a very special bouquet.


Bright red wine with garnet flashes and medium intensity. It
reveals a marked varietal character on the nose, reminiscent of
green and black pepper. In the mouth it has tannins with a good
entry structure, leaving a soft finish given by its oak aging. It has
great balance between aging and freshness with a good body
and character. A wine with 5 years of aging for drinking and
discovering its virtues at every step. Serve at 16-18 °C

Alcohol 13,5%
Sugar 1,75 g/l.
Total Acidity 5,20 g/l. pH 3,4

2015 Vintage Tim Atkin 91 pts
2014 Vintage Descorchados 93 pts