This wine has been elaborated with grapes from vineyards in the province of San Juan. The varieties that compose it are Palomino and Pedro Giménez.

SOIL | These varieties are grown in sandy soils.

WINEMAKING | Made with grapes controlled during the maturation process. After the selection of the clusters in good state of maturity, the obtainment of the must is done by a static, natural way and without external pressure. The limpid musts are fermented with a strict control of the temperatures, using selected yeasts. It is then aged in small oak vats and then cold stabilized and filtered.
It is called “solera” to a system of disposition of vessels superimposed in 3 levels. As the wine reaches its maturity level, a part of the content of the containers of the lower level is extracted. These containers are filled with the decanted wines of the highest levels, which are added to the new wine in the higher wines.
In this way, sherry is the result of a mixture of different years’ harvests.

AGING | Depending on the taste of the consumer, its aging can be continued inside the bottle.

TASTING | It is a clear sherry, dry type very soft on the palate, emerges in its tasting an exquisite and complex aroma of vanilla, with notes of nuts and spices. Its color is straw, with amber tone. It is an excellent appetizer and goes well with hors d’oeuvres. Its ideal service temperature is advised at 6-8 degrees Celsius.

– 750 milliliters bottles.
– Cases: 6 x 750 milliliters bottles.

Alcohol 15.4%
Sugar 1.58 g/l.
Volatile acid 0.6 g/l. in acetic acid
Total acid 4.15 g/l. in tartaric acid
Total SO2 120 mg/l.
pH 3.4