August 21st 2019.

The “López Style” became part of Masticar 2019, the tenth edition of the most convincing gastronomic fair in the country.

Four unbeatable days where we had the pleasure of sharing new harvests of our classics, varietals and champagnes with an amazing number of guests, who also won cases, bottles and merchandising by participating in our raffles.

Special thanks for enjoying this fair with us to Christophe Krywonis, Narda Lepes, Dolli Irigoyen, Osvaldo Gross, Donato De Santis, Pablo Massey, Tomás Kalika, Maru Botana, Lele Cristóbal, Pedro Bargero, Roberto and Christian Petersen, Gonzalo Alderete, Juan Braceli, Mauro Colagreco, Gastón Acurio and José del Castillo, and everyone who was there.

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Thank you very much for choosing us and joining us!
See you at MASTICAR 2020.

Bodegas López.
We share our passion.